Our approach

We continuously gather and improve our methodologies & best practices, but respect the uniqueness of every customer & every project. So we bring the best of our knowledge and experience to the table and tailor the work approach to and with your team.

Without getting lost in details, below we share a few aspects of how we work.

Agile in every aspect

We can do Scrum, we can do Kanban, … whichever is more adequate to the situation. By being agile, we mean more than the methodologies: it is about collaboration, interaction, responding to changes and delivering working software. And yet, we do plan, we do design architecture and we do documentations.



In case of innovative digital products and services, the requirements are often incomplete and it is hard to predict the response of customers. A good strategy to manage risks is to apply the Minimum Viable Product approach: start with a small, but value creating functionality. The next step is to gather feedback from the market and from stakeholders: measure, assess, evaluate. Any subsequent iterations and further developments should resonate with the market response.
Based on numerous projects, we can help you with the definition of an MVP scope and set up a framework of measuring, assessing and evaluating user behaviour.

Versatile skills

Digital projects are increasingly demanding. They require the cooperation of several professions. Beyond the traditional set of business analysts, software architects, developers, testers, etc. a new set of frontier roles emerged to deal with e.g. user experience, service design, online marketing, data science. We can bring these experts to your table and support your project in a holistic manner.