From basic to brilliant: the mobile app upgrade journey of

The Client: is a highly customizable online booking system utilized throughout Europe, serving as the digital tool of choice for various industries from private tutors to franchise networks. Its versatility and user-friendly interface have made it an essential component for professionals seeking to streamline their scheduling processes and enhance client interaction.

The Challenge:

Over years of development and expansion, the demand for a mobile application that could cater to the service provider clients of became evident. However, the first iteration of the mobile app was limited in scope and functionality. It was initially launched only on iOS, developed in Objective-C, and offered just a few calendar views and no room for adding new features. This limitation hindered the ability of service providers to manage their bookings efficiently on the go.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive mobile solution that could match the platform's flexibility and customization capabilities, embarked on a journey to develop a new, stable, cross-compatible app that would serve the administrative needs of its diverse user base. In pursuit of this goal, turned to Danubius IT Solutions, seeking expertise in developing a modern mobile application that could leverage the full potential of their booking system on both iOS and Android platforms.

The Solution:

We began by evaluating the app's maintenance needs through a proof of concept and calculations, identifying that a unified codebase for iOS and Android would reduce maintenance hours. We presented options to, who made their decision based on the trade-offs of costs, development potential, and the needs of their clientele. Choosing Flutter for its cross-platform capabilities allowed us to create this unified codebase, removing the need for separate codebases and ensuring a consistent user experience.

We then tasked a dedicated developer with modernizing the app, enabling previously impossible features and including comprehensive calendar view management directly within the app, moving beyond the initial webview approach.

The Results:

The transformation of the mobile app using Flutter marked a significant advancement in the platform's mobile offering. The new app introduced a suite of enhanced features, including:

  • Comprehensive overview features for detailed booking management.

  • Functionality for handling extra working hours directly from the app.

  • Customizable confirmation emails for bookings.

  • User-specific notification settings.

  • Dark mode for enhanced user comfort.

  • Improved handling of timetable views.

  • A modern, up-to-date design that aligns with current UI/UX standards.

This redevelopment not only expanded the app's functionalities but also reinforced' commitment to providing a highly customizable and user-friendly platform. By collaborating with Danubius IT Solutions, successfully developed a cross-compatible app that meets the dynamic needs of service providers, further solidifying its position as a leading online booking system.