Outsource complete projects

We can take your project head on. From requirement gathering to professional turnkey implementation, our team strives to achieve your goals. We can even take care of cloud-based operations.

Our team of analysts, architects and UX experts is here to help you with requirement clarification and design solutions, and overall technical leadership. Your involvement can be minimal, but we would require at minimum a product owner (or product manager) from your end. We expect this individual to help gather requirements internally from various stakeholders and prioritize them.

Development is typically done in Agile sprints by our committed team. Via regular demos, groomings and planning sessions, you’ll have strong control over priorities and development efforts throughout the iterations.

Depending on the product and your preferences, we’re open to an agreed schedule of production releases or potentially applying continuous deployment. The runtime environment can be your on-premise infrastructure or any cloud platform supported by us.

Case studies

Complement your team with our experts

In need of extra development capacity or supplementary skills? Our talented experts have had extensive experience working in remote teams with Belgian, Dutch, German and Slovakian customers. Through numerous intermittent tasks and multi-year ongoing co-developments, we have improved our practices to ensure that we work in remote teams as efficiently as in onsite assignments.

Some benefits of working with us in shared teams:

Renew your legacy systems

Old legacy applications might treasure your valuable data and include a lot of knowhow. But legacy apps can cause a lot of headaches such as:

We’ve gained experience in rejuvenating such legacies via partial- or complete architectural renewal, while keeping the data and maintaining the built-in knowhow. We often use a phased transition to manage the risks of any changes: both technically and in terms of users’ routine.

Each case is different. We need to analyze the existing system, the processes and integrations. Once we have a clear picture, the strategy is then built with your team for what we should reform or retain:

There are always options inbetween the big-bang approach and a smooth transition.

Analyze your applications and infrastructure

Eager to see how your applications perform? Our experts can give you a hand in case you need professional application testing. Or would you rather learn more about your entire infrastructure? Our wide range of services will be of use for internal and external testing as well, uncovering any security issues or other missing pieces of the jigsaw.

Our services include:

Take security to the next level

If you need support to comply to external requirements, look no further. Our professionals can provide support with the actual laws and even help you with certificates and policies or define and support measures to compliance.

Is user security awareness your current priority? We offer a wide range of services to ensure safety, including: 

Preparing for the worst scenarios out there? Whether it’s analysis, action plans or education you might need, you can count on us with the following: